Every journey that we are going to may bring the most unusual surprises. It can please our hearts, eyes, feelings, tastes, bring us love - love for traditions, roots and everything new and unexplored. Even when the journey ends we may not know, where will it take us. This is how our journey to Istria region of Croatia ended, full of feelings, but with a sense of something unfinished.

Lost in the quiet street of Labin, in the Negri family arts gallery and wine studio, it felt like it is the beginning of something new.

Step by step, half a year later, we brought an excellent olive oil directly from the sunny Istria to the Northern Europe.

We continue our journey and offer you to travel with us through the world of taste, sense and pleasure.

From Istria – with love!



We invite you to join us on an exclusive tour and gastronomic journey to Istria Region. We promise an unforgettable time for real gourmets!

Ask and we will prepare a special program for you!

Next tours - Spring and Fall 2020! Information will follow!




Negri Extra Virgin Olive oil you can order in following volumes:

0.100 ml

0.250 ml

0.500 ml

For orders and prices, please, ask here: info@olivistria.lv

LLC «Northen way»,

Reg. No. 40203191113,

Address: Briežu iela 1, Salaspils

Phone: +371 29528979, +371 26558085

E-pasts: info@olivistria.lv

Facebook: olivistria

Olive trees grow in a natural environment, to achieve the high quality raw materials for processing. After manual harvesting olive fruits get processed within 24 hours to reduce the oxidation effect to a minimum

The cold processing technology allows to preserve valuable ingredients that are of great importance for human health. Negri olive oil is rich with natural antioxidants - polyphenols, a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Negri extra virgin olive oil is the blend of four oil varieties: Leccino, Pendolino, Busa and Bianchera Istriana. These selected varieties give the oil a wonderful green color,

a bitterness and firmness of almond and thyme, as well as a special aroma and taste of olives and apples.

 Negri oil provides a pleasant feeling to the taste palate, which expands the salty, sweet, bitter and sour tastes and reveals the unique fifth taste - umami, the most accurate of all tastes, based on the Japanese Zen philosophy, and translated as a deep human connection to food.


 Year after year Negri Extra Virgin olive oil get recognized at some of the most prestigious competitions among the world's famous olive oils:

 - NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition – USA, New-York, gold medal 2018, 2019

 - OLIVE JAPAN – Japan, gold medal, 2018

 - AIPO – ITALY, gold medal 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

 - OLIO CAPITALE – ITALY, gold medal 2017 top 3

 - NOĆNJAK – CROATIA, gold medal 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

 - OLEA – CROATIA, gold medal 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016



 - MEDITERIAN CULINARY CONGRES, member & special guest

 - MERANO – THE BIGGEST WINE & GASTRO FESTIVAL EUROPE, special guest DIGNANO D'ISTRIA, gold medal 2014, 2015, 2016

 - ZADAR CROATIA, gold medal 2014, 2015, 2016

 - FLOS OLEI, included in the most prestigious olive oil guide, created by Marco Orregia

Pietro & Pietro (formerly Natura Tartufi) is a family owned business offering a wide range of truffle products from the Bužet truffle forests in Croatia! Each truffle product created of this family is made from carefully selected, best raw materials, the result of hard work, love and responsibility that each family member invests in the overall family business. "Every time you give the best of yourself, you get it back." Almost half a century of truffle experience, accumulated knowledge and respect for this cult status underground mushroom allow Natura Ltd. guaranteeing customers fresh, high quality truffles and excellence in every truffle product offered by the Pietro & Pietro brand.

The product range offers both fresh and frozen truffles as well as a wide variety of truffle products.


WHITE TRUFFLE lat. Tuber Magnatum Pico

White truffles are the most expensive and highest quality truffles in the world. The season runs from September to the end of January. It has got a specific and intense scent. Its color is light brown, which varies from ocher to gently green, the color as well as the scent of the soil depends on the tree with which the truffle lives in symbiosis. In most of the cases this is oak, poplar, lime or wild hazelnut and grows at a depth of 5 to 30cm. White truffles occur in different sizes: from tiny lumps of 1-2g to outstanding specimens who aspire to about 1kg but can be found in small quantities.

From September to January, we offer it fresh, and throughout the year, it is available as quick-frozen and fresh, where we use the technique of quick-freezing process to ensure its best quality.

SUMMER BLACK TRUFFLE lat Tuber Aestivum Vittadin

The summer black truffle is characteristic of having distinct odor and taste. Its skin is hard and very rough, which resemble tiny pyramids and its interior is light brown, streaked with fine white winding dashes, resembling marble. The season starts in late spring and in mild autumn because it cannot be found until the end of October.

From September to January, we offer it fresh, and throughout the year, it is available as quick-frozen and fresh, where we use the technique of quick-freezing process to ensure its best quality.

WINTER BLACK TRUFFLE lat. Tuber Brumale Vittadin

Winter black truffles are lighter in color than the summer black truffles, unlike the latter, their skin is less rough, they smell and taste more intensive compared to summer black truffles. The interior is dark brown, streaked with sinuous white lines resembling marble. The season lasts from autumn to early winter.

From September to January, we offer it fresh, and throughout the year, it is available as quick-frozen and fresh, where we use the technique of quick-freezing process to ensure its best quality.

PRECIOUS BLACK TRUFFLE lat. Tuber melanosporum Vittadine

These species can be found in the winter months: in January and February. After the white truffle, with a very intensive taste and a rather aromatic smell, the precious black truffle is the second most expensive mushroom in the world.

From September to January, we offer it fresh, and throughout the year, it is available as quick-frozen and fresh, where we use the technique of quick-freezing process to ensure its best quality.


Salt with black or white  truffles

Truffle salt add a perfect finishing touch to meat dishes and desserts such as the chocolate soufflè.

Olive oil with whole black truffle

As black fresh truffles are available only at certain times of the year, with a well developed method of conservation, we enabled this product to be offered fresh throughout the year.

White truffle infused olive oil

Tagliatelles with black truffles

One more appetizing sauce of your choice which requires short preparation time and the perfect lunch made from truffles is ready

Truffle flavoured chips

Surprise guests with an unexpected snack!

Sliced black or white truffle (truffle carpacio)

Chopped white truffles, with a uniform consistency of shavings and preserved flavours are ideal for sprinkling over dishes and additional seasoning of dishes with white truffle sauce base, meat dishes, carpaccio, bruschette, pasta and salads.

Truffle cutter

The greatest truffle gourmets are offered a special cutter designed exclusively for cutting truffles. With a special adjuster, the thickness of cutting can be selected and you will unquestionably add a final touch of flavory feta cheese to the fresh truffle meal.

Ask for our products in Shop Hereford

(Kr.Barona street 45/47, Riga)

Sauces and spreads

Available a variety of truffle sauces and spreads, minced truffles, truffles with mushrooms, porcini, shiitake, olives and truffle tomato paste and.

Ask the full range of products individually!